67 Checker Marathon Wagon New Mexico Car, all records  including original window sticker.
Exceptional Condition!This car is from New Mexico.  I have yet to paint it. I have recovered the seats and installed new carpets the car drives and runs very well. I do
   love the car.  Condition is very
   good. the paint is original, but dry and flaky. Typical desert worn paint on roof and top of fenders. The back window crank
   is broken, and the windows need new rubber (typical for this age car in the heat of NM.) All parts available. The motor
   completely rebuilt Jan 2000 all original parts are there. (it had sat for a few years, dried out all the parts, but we've been
   driving it well since the rebuild) it has 93,000 original miles. it comes with owners manual, original
   sticker and bill of sale. Added power steering 4 bbl carb. the car is not air conditioned. That's kinda a Rube Goldberg affair
   in Checkers. I had this car transported for about $800. From New Mexico to Western Mass. I searched long and hard to
   find this car. This was the best original car out there. I found wagons from 3000.- $20,000 many comps at $7500. with
   different problems. Feel free to contact me.